A memoir by Jo Dixon

What if the cause of dementia is a simple vitamin deficiency, caused by bacteria in the gut?

Book cover of The Missing Link in Dementia: a memoir by Jo Dixon

Wrate’s Publishing, 2020.
ISBN 978-1-9996089-8-9

Part memoir, part medical treatise.

Jo Dixon was a successful hospital consultant and a mother of four in her early 40s when she was struck down by a mystery illness. She started falling over, forgetting things and getting lost. Her symptoms bore all the hallmarks of dementia, and they left her fearing she wouldn’t live to see her children grow up.

In desperation, Jo became both doctor and patient, as she fought to find the cause of her devastating symptoms before it was too late.

What she discovered, and reveals for the first time in this memoir, has the potential to be groundbreaking and change the way we think about dementia and other diseases, including diabetes, IBS, fibromyalgia, and even anxiety – the missing piece of a puzzle that has evaded scientists for decades.

Swimming in Circles

A novel by Jo Dixon

It happens to the animals first, then it affects us…

Book cover of The Missing Link in Dementia: a memoir by Jo Dixon

Wrate’s Publishing, 2021.
ISBN 978-1-8383400-4-9

A modern ecofiction novel shaped by real-life science.

Michael, a scientist, is investigating mysterious deaths in young salmon, becomes obsessed with water pollution.

When his father is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease he is determined to find the cause of this devastating illness.

As he discovers chilling parallels between the salmon, other animal mortalties and his father’s ill health, he realizes that the problem runs deeper than anyone could have imagined.

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