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Jo Dixon is a retired hospital consultant. She is the author of The Missing Link in Dementia – A Memoir, and the novel Swimming in Circles. She lives in Norfolk with her husband, four children, two dogs, and rescue chickens.
Swimming in Circles by Jo Dixon book-cover
The Missing Link by Jo Dixon book cover
The Missing Link

Part memoir, part medical treatise. A former hospital consultant, Jo was struck down in her 40s by a mystery dementia-like illness. Frightened that she wouldn’t live to see her children grow up, scared that she was unable to fulfill her role as a mother, and desperate to find the cause for these devastating symptoms, Jo becomes the doctor and the patient. This book describes her experience and her successful search for the cause.

Swimming in Circles

A modern ecofiction novel shaped by real-life science. Michael, a scientist, is investigating mysterious deaths in young salmon, becomes obsessed with water pollution. When his father is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease he is determined to find the cause of this devastating illness. As he discovers chilling parallels between the salmon, other animal mortalties and his father’s ill health, he realizes that the problem runs deeper than anyone could have imagined.

Swimming in Circles by Jo Dixon book-cover
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